Company History

Company History

  UZCOTTON Group is a successful union of leaders in the field of knitting including «A.Akbarali»Ltd, «UNI-TEXLTD» JV and «QuvaTekstil»Ltd. The companies were established over 15 years ago and since then they proved to be reliable partners and leading manufacturers of cotton yarn, huckaback and finished fabrics,non-woven fabric and garments.
On the territory of «Quva Tekstil» Ltd. the enterprises joined the efforts and successfully implemented an investment project totaling to 25 million Euros. As a result, in early 2015 a new textile manufacturing equipment produced by «RIETER MASHINE WORKS LTD»(Switzerland) and «SAVIO MACHINE TESSILI S.p.A» (Italy), with the production capacity up to 10 000 tonnes of combed ring yarn a year, was put into operation.

All three companies belong to the State Joint Stock Company "O'zbekyengilsanoat" which consolidates more than 310 enterprises in light industry of Uzbekistan.

Thanks to modern equipment UZCOTTON Group is able to produce not only a large amount of high-quality products, but also substantially reduce energy consumption and labor.

Individual approach to each customer, optimization of production processes and a long-term experience enable the Group to deliver large quantities of quality products of the following types:

  • Ring spinned Carded and combed 100% cotton yarn, both single and double for weaving and knitwear;
  • 100% Cotton yarn spinned by rotor method, both single and double for weaving and knitwear;
  • 100% Cotton huckaback, terry, waffle and coarse calico cloths;
  • 100% Cotton ready-made garments, terry and waffle towels, meeting international quality standards;
  • 100% Cotton non-woven fabric;
  • Coloured and printed 100% cotton fabrics;
  • -Ready-made garments including children's, men's and women's clothing, as well as special uniform which meet the quality standards.

World class technology of production and strict quality control make the Group's products highly competitive, both among domestic and overseas knitwear goods. For quality control UZCOTTON uses an automatic lab named Uster. It provides accurate and fast data on yarn characteristics including breaking and elongation strength, specific strength and evenness of the fiber. Today, the UZCOTTON Group - is a dynamically developing entity which is responsible and long-term partner, developing new markets and seeking to expand its product range.

UZCOTTON enterprises guarantee a responsible attitude at every stage of the life cycle of their activities. Whether it is the production of finished products or processing raw materials, the enterprises are taking allpossible measures to improve the competitiveness of products in the domestic and foreign markets,increase sales volumes, develop new products, and find promising markets.