JV LLC "Quva Tekstil"
Modern, dynamic production company that specializes in producing textile products
LLC "A.Akbarali"
Successfully developing textile company, which has been operating in the city of Fergana since December 2000
JV LLC "Uni-Tex ltd"
One of the leaders of the domestic industry producing knitted garments.

«A.Akbarali» Ltd. is successfully developing textile company, which has been operating in the city of Fergana since December 2000. The company`s business is to produce high quality products of light industry of the following types:

  • 100% Cotton open end spinned yarn, single and double designed for weaving and knitwear;

  • 100% Cotton harsh Coarse calico and diagonal group fabrics;

  • coloured and printed 100% cotton fabrics;

  • Ready-made garments for children, men and women, as well as uniform meeting quality standards;

  • 100% Cotton nonwoven fabric.

Due to its quality products meeting high standards and thanks to the reputation of a responsible partner, «A.Akbarali» Ltd. Became a part of the State Joint Stock Company "O'zbekyengilsanoat", uniting about three hundred companies in cotton, silk, knitting, sewing and other industries.

«A.Akbarali» Ltd. Is moving forward. It is exploring new markets and developing modern technologies; it is expanding its product portfolio and ready for a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership!

Spinning Production of «A.Akbarali» Ltd

Production of OPEN END yarns 

New blow room from «Blendomat BDT 019 SP -MF», «TRUTZCHLER», Germany, equipped with wide head automatic multi blend bale opener, central electric control system, chamber blenders, three roller cleaners and heavy particle separator with double magnet trap. New high-performance equipment carding machines model TC-03 and TC-11 with manufacture year 2013 from «TRUTZCHLER», Germany equipped with micro-dust xtractor, rear trash and micro-dust extractor and precarding flats, and electronic long term auto-leveler. Latest high speed drawing frame model TD-03, TD-07 with manufacture year 2013, TD-08 with manufacture year 2013 from TRUTZCHLER», Germany equipped with automatic can changer and creel sensor.

5 set of latest OPEN END Spinning & Winding Machines model "BD-3208” & 4 set "BD-448” with manufacture year 2013 from OERLIKON SCHLAFHORST SAURER, Czech Republic producing efficiently, reducing costs & delivering quality in progress.  And this thanks to peerless technology with less labor utilization, reduced energy consumption and maximum efficiency. You benefit here from the predominantly high yarn & package quality. 

Quality Control

1 set of Eveness tester of model Permier Tester 7000, India for the consistent quality control of the products.




100% cotton Open End yarns

  • 100% cotton Open End Yarns from Ne16/1 (Nm27/1) till Ne40/1 (Nm68/1)

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50, Istiqlol Str, Fergana city, 150112, Uzbekistan.
Tel: (+998 71) 254-72-32;
Skype ID: uzcottongroup

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