JV LLC "Quva Tekstil"
Modern, dynamic production company that specializes in producing textile products
LLC "A.Akbarali"
Successfully developing textile company, which has been operating in the city of Fergana since December 2000
JV LLC "Uni-Tex ltd"
One of the leaders of the domestic industry producing knitted garments.

«Quva Tekstil» Ltd. is a modern, dynamic production company that specializes in producing textile products of the following types:

  • 100% Cotton harsh carded ring yarn, open-end spinned, single and double designed for weaving and knitwear;

  • 100% Cotton gray cloth, terry, waffle and coarse calico;

  • Ready-made garments - 100% cotton terry, waffle towels, meeting international quality standards;

  • 100% хлопковое нетканое полотно;

«Quva Tekstil» Ltd. was successfully launched in September 2000 in the town of Kuva (south-east of the Ferghana Valley) and since then has proved itself as a reliable producer and supplier of high-quality knitwear products in the Uzbek market. At the disposal of the company there is the modern equipment and new production technologies that make the products highly competitive among other domestic analogues.

The company «Quva Tekstil» Ltd. currently belongs to the State Joint Stock Company "O'zbekyengilsanoat", which unites nearly 300 enterprises of light industry.

The company aimes at a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership based on trust.

We are glad to collaborate with you!

Rieter A 11 UNIfloc automatic bale opener

The UNIfloc is designed for output of up to 1 200 kg/h (carded sliver).

Opening bales into microtufts provides the basis for effective cleaning and dedusting by subsequent machines.

The UNIfloc can process up to 4 assortments.

Rieter B 12 UNIclean pre-cleaner

The UNIclean is designed for output of up to 1 400 kg/h (carded sliver).

Fibre-preserving cleaning of the raw material due to free fibre flight and the use of adjustable grid bars.

If the bale opener is processing different assortments, the working point specific to the material is automatically selected on the B 12 UNIclean

Rieter C 70 high-performance card

High production performance with top quality for all yarn applications thanks to the maximal active carding area and optimised pre- and post-carding area.

Thanks to wider carding area combined with the precise flats guiding, even fine combed ring yarns can be economically produced with high quality.

The modular construction permits a rapid adjustment to new raw materials and requirements.

Rieter RSB-D 45 Autoleveller Draw Frame and SB-D 45 Draw Frame

With an output of 1 100 m/min in mill operations the new draw frame produces up to 10 tonnes of sliver per day.

Excellent scanning precision and autolevelling dynamics stand for outstanding sliver regularity - from start to finish.

Delivery speed and suction intensity are changed easily and rapidly via the frequency-controlled drives at the push of a button on the machine display.

Rieter E 35 OMEGAlap combing preparation

E 35 OMEGAlap achieves effective output of up to 520 kg/h. Compared to other preparation systems on the market, this corresponds to an increase in production of some 50 %.

The very good lap quality is based on good fiber orientation and batt structure, uniform batt weight and homogeneous lap build-up.

The belt-driven drafting system and good accessibility to the longitudinal section and the drafting system facilitate assortment change and machine maintenance.

Rieter E 80 Comber

Outstanding fibre selection by the Rieter comber in combination with the largest combing area enables up to 3 % fewer noils to be extracted compared to other systems. This is the basis for optimal raw material utilisation.

Significantly better yarn quality with the same noil extraction is achieved by the E 80 comber compared to other systems.

The design of the E 80 comber with a 45 % higher combing area enables customers to focus either on productivity, raw material utilisation or quality, as required


Low energy consumption, easy operation, high reliability and flexibility as well as reduced operating costs are among the main benefits of this generation of roving frames. High yarn quality presupposes good spinning preparation. The F 16-110-144 roving frame with doffing aid and the F 36 with automatic doffing fulfil this requirement. Mill-proven ROJ roving tension control and individual roving monitoring with statistical analysis ensure consistently high roving quality and high machine efficiency. Ergonomic design and the multi-motor system are special features of these two models.


The G 36-70-1’632 ring spinning machine is a further milestone in the development of the successful Rieter ring spinning technology. All proven features of the G 35 predecessor model have been adopted but the energy consumption has been further distinctly reduced with the suction tube ECOrized. The electronically-controlled drafting arrangement drive FLEXIdraft permits highest flexibility. Customers profit from a high-capacity, dependable and high-quality machine with multiple technical spinning solutions. This is the basis for economically produced quality and special yarns.

SAVIO  Polar / I - Direct Link System Automatic Winder

Polar/I - Direct Link System represents the perfect reply to the spinning mills demand and market trend:

Ring spinning frames with higher number of spindles in order to minimize the investment as well as running costs.

 The world-wide yarn market competition, requires the best and consistent quality output.

As a consequence:

 The trend of ring frames link with automatic winders, is becoming very popular even in the less labour cost countries.

 The link solution gives the possibility of yarn total quality monitoring.

Automatic independent head winding machine, equipped with motors with individual speed adjustment and a flexible operating cycle. POLAR I - winding machine for linking directly to the spinning frames. Electronic anti patterning system (standard).

C.A.P.: electronic type with computerised control of the drum-package diameter ratio. Electronic clearers: Uster with global and continuous yarn and splice control. Dust removal system in the unwinding area consisting of single suction nozzles with a centralized dust collection box in the headstock. Centralised electronic adjustments: machine data, processing parameters, air splicer working parameters, yarn tensioner pressure, V.S.S., electronic modulation.

100% cotton yarn

  • 100% cotton ring spun carded yarn from Ne16/1 (Nm27/1) till Ne40/1 (Nm68/1)

  • 100% cotton ring spun combed yarn from Ne20/1 (Nm34/1) till Ne50/1 (Nm85/1)

  • 100% cotton open end yarn from Ne6/1 (Nm10/1) till Ne30/1 (Nm50/1)

100% cotton fabric

  • Terry fabric one colored

  • Waffle fabric width from 110см (115гр.кв/м) till 220см (220гр.кв/м

  • Nonwoven fabrics 5 and 10 class width from 80см (125гр.кв/м) till 140см (250гр.кв/м)

Ready Garments

  • 100% cotton Terry towels one colored from 35см/70см (370гр.кв/м) till 70см/140см (370гр.кв/м)

  • 100% cotton Terry Coverlets 190см х140см and other sizes

  • Uniforms

  • 100% cotton terry bathrobes for men’s and women’s with sizes 48-50

  • 100% cotton terry bathrobes for children with sizes 28-30

50, Istiqlol Str, Fergana city, 150112, Uzbekistan.
Tel: +998 73 243 86 10;
Skype ID: uzcottongroup

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